Leading Minds Lab

Designing a community platform that effectively matches entrepreneurs with mentors.
UX Design, User Research, UI Design
Lucas Di Monte
Laura Yuqin Yang
Doris (Mingjun) Jiang
Sketch, Illustrator
September 2017 - January 2018
01. Background

Establishing a community around entrepreneurs and mentors

process illustration
Leading Minds Lab is a company with a goal to create a platform that matches mentors with entrepreneurs based on the needs, skills and experiences. They were looking for a way to effectively connect entrepreneurs with mentors and create a community around the platform.
02. Design Challenge

How might we uncover the motivations of mentors and entrepreneurs to design a platform that delivers a rewarding interaction between these participants?

03. Solution Overview

A Platform for Entrepreneurs and Mentors

The app provides smart matchmaking system that allows entrepreneurs to look for mentors that are most suitable for their needs. The matchmaking system takes consideration of the stage of business, area of expertise and geolocation of the users.
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04. Process Overview

User Research and Prototyping

We had almost no knowledge of how entrepreneurs and mentorship works, so we spent majority of the time doing user research to understand the relationships between the two groups and their needs. With research insights established, we built and pitched a prototype idea that best connect mentors and entrepreneurs.
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I. User Research

Understanding Target Users

To effectively attract users to utilize the platform, we needed to know the background, motivation and pain points of entrepreneurs and mentors and how their relationships work.

We reached out to 4 mentors provided by Leading Minds Lab and conducted semi-structured interviews through phone. We then organized and analyzed our data from the interviews using the DIKW pyramid scheme to synthesize our key findings.

DIKW Data Analysis

dikw scheme pyramid

Key Insights

Face To Face Meetings
Even though mentorship can be done remotely, mentors and entrepreneurs would still prefer face to face meetings once in a while.
Streamlined Matching Process
Matching mentors and entrepreneurs based on their geolocation, stage of business and area of expertise and extremely important for the mentorship to be effective.
Personal Information
When more info is given, a better relationship can be established between mentors and entrepreneurs. Community building and networking is just as important.
Public Recognition
Mentors’ public recognition would be helpful for persisting them in the community and for attracting entrepreneurs.
Face To Face Meetings
Even though mentorship can be done remotely, mentors and entrepreneurs would still prefer face to face meetings once in a while.
II. Ideation

Exploring Ideas

With data analyzed and organized, we looked at the problems and utilized paper prototyping to quickly ideate several concepts to solve the problem.
III. Visual Design

Stye Guide

style guide
05. Features

Taskling Features



Matchmaking based on geolocation and the level of distance users are willing to travel
customized matchmaking

Smart customized matchmaking

Matching users based on stage of business & area of expertise.


Showcases entrepreneurs’ determination and vision by pitch text & video.
Upvote system

Upvote System

Exhibit the recognition gained from previous mentoring experience with an upvote system.
in-house chat system

In-House Chat System

An In-house chat system that encourages communication.


A term of mentorship is formed when mentorships start to keep track of the mentoring process.
06. Reflection & Learnings

Embracing The Iterative Process

The project was one of the biggest and longest project I had ever done, so there was a lot of uncertainty and self-doubt throughout the project. When I hit obstacles and couldn't think of a good solution, I would continuously doubt my design decisions.

However, this project has challenged me to embrace the iterative process. With each iterative cycle, I gained more insights about my targeted audience and my prototype ideas. I also learned to utilize prototype building to help clear assumptions and uncertainty.
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