Sheridan International

Redesigning Sheridan College’s program application system for international students.
UX Design, User Research, UI Design
Rachelle Taylor, Lucas Di Monte, Willy Phantharangsy
Sketch, Illustrator
September 2017 - January 2018
01. Background

A Better Online System for International Students

In 2017, Sheridan received 13,564 applications from more than 100 countries for the September intake. Sheridan College required a better online system of recruiting and enrolling international students. Therefore, Sheridan International Centre set out to create a better application system for international students who are unfamiliar with the application process.
process illustration
02. Design Challenge

How might we design a seamless program application workflow for international students and agents?

03. Solution Overview

A Streamlined Application Process for Students and Agents

We redesigned the program application system so it’s easier for international students to track their application and see what was needed. We also made it easier for agents who apply on behalf of students to keep track of multiple students’ progress.
Taskling app home page
04. Process Overview

User Research and Prototyping

We had almost no knowledge of how entrepreneurs and mentorship works, so we spent majority of the time doing user research to understand the relationships between the two groups and their needs. With research insights established, we built and pitched a prototype idea that best connect mentors and entrepreneurs.
design process graph
I. User Research

Understanding Target Users

We started off by interviewing international students about their experience of applying to Sheridan, and compiled our research into personas.

During the interviews, we noticed that not many international students went through the application forms themselves when they applied for a program. They had an agent that helped them with the application process. Therefore, we also considered agents our main target audience for the redesign of the application system.

Behavior Pattern Data Map

With user research data gathered, we visualized our data to further organize and generate our insights from our interviews. We focused on users’ experience with the application process and language barriers.
bahavior pattern data illustration
II. Secondary Research

Exploring Concepts

We envisioned their application process while thinking of ways on how we can improve their user experience. With research insights gathered, we developed a list of design requirements.

Design Requirements

With design requirements determined, we discussed and sketched out the ideal user flow of the appplication process.

Paper Sketches

With design requirements determined, we discussed and sketched out the ideal user flow of the appplication process.
III. Prototype Exploration

Wireframes & Key Path Scenarios

With data analyzed and organized, we looked at the problems and utilized paper prototyping to quickly ideate several concepts to solve the problem.
05. Features

Prototype Features

With ideas and sketches finalized, we visualized our ideas into a high-fidelity prototype.
submite page

An Easy-to-Track Dashboard

International students can manage their program application(s) with easy-to-understand application status and relevent information.  
dash=board for agents

Managing Multiple Students (Agents)

Agents can manage multiple students easily and check the application status at a glance.
program selection

Non-Linear Application Process

The application process allows international students to fill out and update their application information at their own pace.
dashboard for students

See All Neccessary Information

Relevent information is displayed on the dashboard so students don’t miss out important dates and information.
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