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Designing a digital tool that helps creatives stay focus and creative while tackling tasks effortlessly.
UX Designer, UI Designer
Eric Lin
Sketch, Illustrator, Invision Studio
September 2019 - April 2020
01. Background

The Incomplete Task-Tackling Process

There are many productivity tools out there today. However, they aren’t designed for creative people and can sometimes work against their creative process.

Therefore, I took up the challenge to build a productivity tool that helps creative professionals have a more pleasant experience tackling tasks.
02. Design Challenge

How might we build a pleasant task-tackling experience for creative professionals and improve the cycle of getting things done?

03. Solution Overview

Taskling: A Companion Productivity Tool

A Productivity Tool That Focuses On Doing

Taskling is simple companion productivity tool that help creatives stay focused on the task at hand. The app helps you stay focused and tackle through tasks with focus sessions.
Taskling feature page
04. Process Overview

How I Arrived At The Solution

Taking inspirations from 101 Design Methods by Vijay Kumar, I experimented with various design methods and applied those that suit the project. Through this iterative approach, I was able to gain insights about my target audience and experiment with my design ideas.
design process graph
I. User Research

Understanding Creative People

I reached out to my target audience, creative professionals and students who are struggling with productivity, and conducted user research to gain better understanding of their creative process, pain points and needs.

I conducted 30 surveys to collect quantative data about creatives' habits and preferences, and then conducted 6 interviews to gather further insights on their creative process, pain points and needs.

Key Insights

Users are overwhelmed with tasks
When planning and organizing tasks, they are often faced with a never-ending list of to-dos. As a result, they get overwhelmed with the list.
Productive routines are hard to stick to
While they have tried various productivity tools and routines, they find it hard to adapt to them and would eventually go back to what their original routine.
II. Secondary Research

Competitive Analysis

From user research, I found that many creative people have difficulties adapting to productivity tools. To further understand why these productivity tools work against their creative process, I conducted competitve analysis and secondary research on the topic of productivity.
Taskling competitive analysis

Key Insights

Planning rabbit hole
While task management is important for a successful project, it is very easy to get into the rabbit hole of planning and, as a result, spending a large on organizing and management.
Lack of focus on tackling tasks
The current productivity tools have great features for users to plan their projects. However, users often spend get overwhelmed with the to-do list and prevent users from *doing* the tasks.
III. Idea Exploration

Generating Ideas & Prototyping

With research insights gather, I ideated several ideas, turn them into paper prototypes and user tested them to validate the functionality of the design ideas.

User Journey Map

After several trial and errors with different rough prototypes, I structured a user journey map that reflects the experience of task tackling using the prototype.
Taskling user journey map

Mid-Fidelity Prototype & Userflow

Taskling medium fidelity
IV. Inspirations


I took inspirations from music player designs because I find many similarities in them with my prototype idea. The designs are un-intrusive and are meant to accompany your digital life.
Taskling mood board
V. Visual Design

Stye Guide



Taskling icons
05. Features

Taskling Features

Taskling feature page

A Task Playlist

A simple management system allows you to order tasks to do next, and create time estimation. Tackle through your tasks like you’re playing a music playlist!

List Down Tasks

Add tasks you’re doing next or copy-paste from your favorite task management app.
Taskling feature 3

Tackle Though Tasks

A focus session is generated and the task you're working on is displayed on the window to help you stay focused.
Taskling feature 4

Take Breaks At Your Own Pace

When you’re in the flow and need more time to finish the task, just keeping going! You don’t have to worry about going overtime.
Taskling feature 5

Rate Productivity

Learning your productivity habits and preference is just as important! Quickly rate your productivity at the end of each task and review your productivity status later.
06. Reflection & Learnings

Embracing The Iterative Process

The project was one of the biggest and longest project I had ever done, so there was a lot of uncertainty and self-doubt throughout the project. When I hit obstacles and couldn't think of a good solution, I would continuously doubt my design decisions.

However, this project has challenged me to embrace the iterative process. With each iterative cycle, I gained more insights about my targeted audience and my prototype ideas. I also learned to utilize prototype building to help clear assumptions and uncertainty.
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